Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On the road....errr...sea again.

Yes, dear readers, we spent last night sailing down the coast of Florida. Or, rather, our intrepid sailors did. I slept- or tried to sleep. Note to self: One Bonine is not sufficient for sea travel. So, I took two this morning. And, just to hedge my bets, I followed Gretchen's advice. I just had a bowl of oatmeal. Gretchen swears that oatmeal is the great repeller of seasickness. Since her advice on other things has been spot on, I am eating the oatmeal.

Today, we plan to cross the ocean to the Bahamas. The weather looks favorable. It is warming up nicely.

The excitement so far today has been Linda's report of a waterspout. Luckily for us, Linda is a worrier, so ugly clouds sometimes become waterspouts for her and her alone. We're all safe and sound. As I write this, I can report that all things are normal. Mike is at the helm. Carol is busy studying paper charts- no electronics for her! Terry, Peggy, Tom and Linda are all napping as they each await their turn at the helm. Me, I've got my bases covered. Oatmeal made for the on deck crew. Hot water in the carafe. I burned two fingers so I get out of dish washing today. Yes, it's looking to be a great day.

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