Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exploring the Bahamas

With all systems aboard LUX, we are off and exploring the Bahamas. On Saturday, we visited Hope Town on Elbow Cay. It is famous for having one of the last lighthouses that are powered by kerosene. We stayed at the Lighthouse Marina- within walking distance of the lighthouse. There was no restaurant there, so we ended up going to dinner at another marina. They sent a water taxi for us! What fun. Unfortunately, the Bahamas are still not really in gear so not much is operating at full speed. Our restaurant ended up being an outdoor bar with an extended bar food menu. We ended up speaking to the chef because we wanted to know about possible vegetarian dishes. He told us all about his gastric surgery for weight loss. No info on tasty vegetarian dishes. It really was a beautiful bar. It even had a pool with a swim up bar. Only down side for us was that the wind just blew and blew! And, it was a nice chilly air. Needless to say, we did not linger over dinner. And, Peggy got dessert to go.

Sunday, we sailed to to Great Guana Cay. It was a beautiful sailing day- not too hot and a good steady wind. One of the reasons to come here is the place called Nippers- famous for its pig roast. Unfortunately, we did not know that the pig roast is at noon. So, we missed that part of the adventure. But, we did check out the fact that Nippers Bar sits right on the ocean with a great beach. Carol had a wonderful walk on the beach. We all had fun watching the other tourists get wasted and act crazy. We finished our one drink, bought the souvenir tee shirt, and we headed back to the boat. The entertainment for the evening was watching drunken sailors getting back to their boats. Too bad ASPS was not having a contest for the most sighted violations of good boating practices in one evening. We could have taken first prize without trying! And, we ended up with lots of unanswerable questions. One favorite- Why did the power cat behind us have one green light on starboard on all evening?

Today is Monday. It is another beautiful day. Strong winds and lovely sunshine. Today's question- How did that guy in the monohull start his day with a beer? If he decides to move that boat, we will get another boating violation. We can start another list! At the very least, you can say that lots of the tourists are wasting away here in Paradise!

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