Friday, November 9, 2012

Let's hurry to the Bahamas to enjoy the warm weather

As you may remember, Terry really wanted to push onward to reach the Bahamas as soon as possible. He wanted to spend time cruising around and enjoying the warm weather. As anyone knows, the WORST thing to do on any adventure is to announce your desired goals beforehand. So, here we are in a marina. The fuel tank is in the shop. It won't be back until much later today. Actually, it won't be real late because this is Friday in the Bahamas. The workers want to get an early start on the weekend. We're doing laundry- taking turns with the only washer that is somewhat working- don't forget to hunt down the manager if you actually want the required $4 token to start the washer. And, the cold front is supposed to be gone in a day or two. In the meantime, enjoy pictures of our intrepid crew reading. Note that they are huddling in the sunshine. Peggy has her earmuffs on, and Linda has on a lovely warm jacket. Meanwhile, Mike is filling in the time by working on the courtesy lights- one of those is not working. Tom and Terry say that the definition of cruising is the ability to go to tropical locations to work on your boat. But, we did have tasty pancakes for breakfast. And, the sun is shining!

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