Friday, November 2, 2012

Early morning once again

If it is true that early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise, we will be incredibly wealthy by the time we get to the Bahamas. We were in bed by 9 last night. Oh, wait, the boat people holding me captive said that I have to tell you we were in bed at 2100 hours. We rose early to a lovely cold dawn. And, as usual, the sailor boys had the motors running and the anchor up before the first hot beverage was ready.

Last night, we had peachy chicken over couscous. It's a great dish that is pretty simple to make. It uses canned peaches and canned chicken, so it is a nice boat dish. It's a tasty dish.

As we were going down the river, we saw what we thought were two trees full of ghosts. We were so impressed that someone had taken the time to tie all those small bags to trees. You cannot imagine our surprise when two of our ghosts flew away! They were egrets! Lots of egrets! We hope to have a picture to publish later.

Terry also got the generator to work for a bit this morning, so we now have some heat. Of course, we did our share here in the kitchen by using the oven to heat up the leftover pancakes. All in all, a lovely morning on the water.

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