Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back in Maryland

We have now officially been on the boat longer than Noah. We are up to 41 days. We are back in Maryland, and it truly is like being home in the summer. Up until now, we had on a long sleeve shirt most mornings. It has been pleasant and cool. So, what happens when we get home. It turns hot and humid. No wind. The haze today was so bad that you could only see out 2 nautical miles. Mike spent most of the day in the head, and not because he was sick. He was trying to get to the source of our head problems. Eureka! He found something in the starboard holding tank. I'm sure, dear reader, that you guessed what it was. Yes, it was a dish towel. How it got there is anybody's guess, but it was doing a great job of blocking progress. Works like a charm now! Mike also took apart the holding tank alarms - red lights that let you know it is full. The one on the starboard side needs to be replaced. The one on the port side now works. Mike also epoxyed a hole in the anchor locker. He also took care of some other little maintenance things. On another note, today in Maryland it appeared to be dragonfly day! They were all over the boat. None of us had ever seen that many at one time in one place. There had to have been 29 to 30 just sitting around on the back of the boat. We are now anchored in Dun Cove. I came up with a great new drink recipe for the evening. The blender came out. Fresh peaches and canned apricots went in with ice and wine! I then poured club soda in a glass and topped it with our fruit slushy! It was a delicious end to a long hot day on the water. Tomorrow is our last day. We plan to be up by 5. We will go through Knapp's Narrows, and we will be home by noon, hopefully.

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