Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 6 in the afternoon

Midafternoon in the ICW Well, we did get out of Beaufort right at noon. It wasn't exactly raining,but that was some mist! You could see the water droplets all around us, but it wasn't really raining. It was nice and gray. The clouds were hanging. Peggy went to her bunk for a nap. I stretched out on the settee to sleep. Terry was busy computing. All seemed quiet, if not quite sunny. But it improved. It even got a little sunny right over LUX. (In other words, I can still see lots of clouds following us.) Suddenly, there was a loud crash! Once again, Mother Nature proves that she can catch any little detail you overlook. Yes, the dingy did not get fully tied down before leaving the dock at Beaufort. So, just the right gust of wind tried to help the dingy go off and be free range. Terry and Carol rushed up front and made sure the dingy was once again securely fastened to the deck. We are back to motoring along. The sun is still shining just on LUX. The day is not too hot and not too cold. If we can stay out of further trouble, it looks to be a good afternoon on the water. It is just two hours later now. And, I know you won't believe this, but it is not raining. However, we are now being followed by seagulls! At present, there are three of them hovering right off our stern. Terry says they are looking for small fish stunned by the props. But, they all seem to be looking at Michael. Hmmm......

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