Friday, June 8, 2012

We're on Break at Number Five

Well, the latest decision is to spend a day at Number Five. Poor Carol. When she asked where we were going to dock, the answer was Number Five. Yes, the Harborwalk Marina is Number Five on the map in the guide. It seems that going eighty miles in one day makes everyone a little itchy. So, Number Five is actually a nice marina. Our friend, Bob, would appreciate the moment. Seems the local newspaper found the need to diversify, so it owns this marina. The newspaper office also has a FedEx spot. And their offices are here on the water right next to the marina offices. So, here we are in Georgetown. Mike is cooking pancakes. Peggy and Carol were outside talking to ducks. Sorry, but the provisioner doesn't have any spare bread for ducks. So, the ducks soon lost interest, and our crew has come back in for tea and coffee. It's a beautiful morning- a great day ahead. For breakfast, Mike made pancakes from a mix we bout at Cracker Barrel- an apple cinnamon mix. We ate breakfast out on the veranda (this is the south, you know). And two 'neighbors' wished us a good day as they went by in their boats.

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