Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15 in the Morning

Well, the die is cast. We will be pulling out of Belhaven by 7 we hope. The wind is not blowing. The skies are mostly sunny with high, cirrus clouds. And, the plans are to go down the Pongo River-Alligator river Canal. The good news is that the scenery is supposed to be especially spectacular on that route. The bad news is that Internet and phone reception will be, at best, spotty. On another note, we had company last night. Yesterday morning at breakfast, we recognized one of our own kind at the diner - boat people. We chatted for a minute or so. Then, last night, Sherry and Ronnie Adkins showed up at our boat! They are in a Gemini at another marina. They totally redid the Gemini they have. Mike and Ronnie totally bonded over the process of rebuilding boats. Hopefully, we'll meet up with them again. But not this trip. They are headed south. And we are back on the water heading north.

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