Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mike Actually Gets To Do More Than Engine Repair

While the women were shopping yesterday, Gee saw a sign on the cathedral that said they were having a concert last night. It was a organ and piano concert. At 5:15, Terry suggested bagging the work, taking a break, and going to the concert. So we all did. It was great for Mike. The performers were actually twin females who were great performers. Mike simply loved it. Gee thought it was a great concert because the cathedral was air conditioned. As everyone probably knows, Gee's favorite song includes these lines: "If you have an air conditioner, then you are the man for me." Of course, Jacob thought he was being held captive by crazed music people. Terry helped ease the pain by allowing Jacob to look at pictures on the I-phone. The world got better for Jacob when we went back to the A1A Alehouse for dinner. We ate dinner out on the restaurant's veranda. We had a bird's eye view of a wedding party! I only mention this because the very loud wedding reception went on into the night. But, as Peggy said, at least they had a good mix of music choices!

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