Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home Again

We did leave Dun Cove by 5:30. As Mike piloted, Carol, Peggy and I packed. And by 9:35 AM, we were on the dock. Sam, Howard, Denise, Lars, and Rich were at the dock to greet us with champagne. Not only that, they stayed to help carry our luggage up the hill to Terry and Peggy's house. We talked, laughed, and had celebratory drinks. Then, Mike, Carol & Rich took LUX to her new berth in Annapolis. She goes out in charter tomorrow. Howard has offered to meet them at the dock and bring them back. Peggy and I are dog sitting with Emmy Lou and Maggie. It was a great adventure. For Peggy, it would be great to be home if the air conditioner worked. At least it is cool in here on the porch. Hope that lasts! And, now we must take the time to go through all the pictures, fix things up, and plan to annoy friends and strangers with our tales of 41 days on the water.

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