Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 20 - Early start again

June 20 Crack of Dawn is beginning to feel like the right time to get up. That is not a good thing for retired people. Luckily, Jacob is not retired, so he doesn't get up with us. This morning, it was a great day for bathing the anchor. Yes, Mill Creek is a very muddy stop. It was a beautiful place to anchor. It actually wasn't too buggy. Fish were jumping. Herons were flying by. A whiny seagull stopped by. Jacob wanted to feed him. I was surprised when he said that Terry and Peggy had never warned him about the consequences of feeding that first seagull. We all know that is a lure! Feed one. He calls the troops. You get tons of seagull poop. Needless to say, Jacob did not get to feed the seagulls. Coming out of Mill Creek this morning was exciting. Today's dance was the dance of the crab pot avoidance. Yes, the way in and out of Mill Creek is tricky because of all those pesky crab pots. But, we made our escape and we are doing over seven knots. For those interested in boat details: The engines are doing great. Mike did an oil check last night. He did have to add oil. He got the oil in e engine and on his foot. A flurry of stern washing ensued using environmentally safe products! Always pays to travel with an ASPS Education Officer.

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