Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14 in the late afternoon

We have had a fairly nice afternoon. It is pretty windy still, but the sun is shining. Carol took the opportunity to rehem the screen to the main salon. Peggy, Jacob and I played some Yahtzee. Peggy ended the rounds with a win. This is a monumental moment because she has been steadily losing over the past few days. So, we have ended the day with Peggy happy. Yay, Peggy! Mike is busy fixing fajitas for dinner. It is Mexican food night here on the boat. As for our plans for tomorrow? Well, they are still as unsettled as the weather. Mike wants to try for the fixed bridge on our next part of the journey.We all agree, though, that the weather is the big factor. Around here, it is the wind that pushes the water, not the tide. So, if the wind stays strong, well... We will be another day here in Belhaven. That, of course, is not a bad thing because one of the local restaurants has a buffet on the weekend. And, since around the water they are all seafood restaurants... Well, you can see that it won't be a hardship.

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