Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fishy Fishy

Yes, we had a great meal in Southport at the Fishy Fishy Cafe! Both Carol and I ordered the fried shrimp. For $16.95' you got two dozen fried shrimp-tails already removed! They were so good! Mike had the fried shrimp and scallops. They were good, too. I know this because he gave me a scallop. Peggy had salmon. I don't think it was local. But, it was really good, or so she said. Jacob had the filet, and he said it was good. Afterwards, there was a force drawing us in the opposite direction of our boat. It was Flavas, and yes, it was an ice cream place. And, yes, we had to have ice cream. We also met up with a couple we had met in St. Augustine. We shared horror stories about the thunderstorm when we both left St. Augustine. Our storm story was, of course, much better because we were on the ocean and they were on the ICW. We all plan to leave early tomorrow to get a good start on the next leg. It's a long one, and it might not include a marina tomorrow. And now, for the patient people, another boat update. The boat ran fine without the new fuel pump. Mike thinks maybe he and Terry finally got the tank clear. The marina had a super sucker sewage pump, so Mike finally got all the tanks clean. He says they sound like the Tin Man when he raps on them. Maybe this is a happy ending to a ......problem. Mike repaired the water hose - it had developed a leak. He checked over the engine. He expoxyed the registration letters to the hull of the boat so that we are now within required standards.All in all, a productive day.

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