Sunday, June 3, 2012

We are in Georgia

Day 24 of my captivity with the boat people Today, the boat people drugged me so that I would not notice that they were taking me from St. Augustine. Yes, it seemed like a good way to start this blog since I actually did drug myself. The truth is that I gave up on the patch since it kept breaking out the skin around it! Also, it gave me the weirdest dreams. So, today I decided to try Bonine. Boy, did it work! Every time I woke up to go to the bathroom, I was not seasick. Michael, of course, did have a complaint. He thought I should actually be awake for some portion of the trip. To be truthful, I did wake up occasionally and did not have to go to the bathroom. On those occasions, I was hungry. I tried to point out that this was a good thing, but Mike continues to point out that I ought to stay awake for some portion of the trip. Peggy and Terry think it is best to let sleeping Gees lie, but Mike does not agree. What is wrong with that man!?!  So, for highlights of today's trip, I must turn to my crew mates. We motor sailed to Brunswick, GA. We went 65 miles to anchor near Jeckyll Island. The awake people saw lots of shrimp boats. We were in the channel, and they were just outside. They saw two car carriers anchored just outside of Jacksonville. Terry continues to be frustrated because the port engine and the AIS system do not work as advertised. But Terry has a solution for the port engine - a hand pump to be used when necessary. I thought that this would mean that Terry wanted Mike to spend the entire trip lying on the stern pumping the engine. However, when I shared this with Terry, he just stared at me. I guess I was wrong. And, I will just have to wait and see what happens. Another great dinner was had by all. Thank goodness that Mike can cook while under way. We had pasta and WINE! Both red and white according to your preference! We even managed to find some leftover restaurant bread in the refrigerator. It was all really good - or we were really hungry. Take your pick. Peggy finished the dishes and headed off to bed. Me, I am not far behind her. It seems that sleeping all day is very tiring!

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