Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday in Southport

We all got up pretty early today so that we could get to Southport by the early afternoon. It is at mile 309. I am told that means we have 300 miles to go on the ICW. The big entertainment of the moment is the mega yacht pulling out. You just cannot get good help these days. That was evident when voices started yelling, "Forward, Chris!" Yes, they almost backed into the fuel dock! It was 112 feet long. And it had a lovely dingy. We, of course, would refer to it as a runabout. It had two 200 horsepower engines. And the dingy had a very nice hardtop Bimini. Great entertainment on a Sunday afternoon. Note to Terry: Yes, we are going out to dinner tonight. I asked to go because the name of the restaurant is Fishy Fishy! Today was a nice day on the ICW. That, of course, is because we were early enough to not be in competition with the jet skiers and the power boaters. By the time they were beginning to show up, we pulled in. We arrived here at 1 PM. The plan was to use today as the opportunity to get more provisions. Peggy and I took the taxi to Walmart. Yes, it was a Super Walmart so that we could get everything we needed in one place. I did buy more shrimp. But they were frozen. It will take me a long time to get over the taste of truly right off the boat shrimp, but I will force myself to enjoy the frozen fellows. While we were in Georgetown, SC, I bought a cookbook with recipes that don't require refrigeration. It is called The Storm Gourmet:A Guide to Creating Extraordinary Meals Without Electricity. I found some recipes I really wanted to try, so I bought the supplies for that. By the way, the cookbook doesn't heat anything either. I am still having problems adjusting to American grocery stores. I buy too much just because I can. After all, when I have paid $4 a dozen for eggs, how can I resist the opportunity to buy 18 eggs for only $2.59? I am sure I will slow down soon, but for now we are really eating well! So, we are at the dock at a marina. Mike is off buying ice. Peggy is doing laundry. Jacob is playing in the dingy. He was actually working with Mike, but Carol asked Mike to drop everything and get ice. Mike didn't mention that he and Jacob were doing a project. So, Jacob got a break! Carol is busy reading the ICW books to get more of our journey planned. For those who have gone through this entire entry hoping for boat updates, here is the latest. We are moving the dingy from the front of the boat to the davets. I will not get reading lights in my cabin because we blew a fuse. And, there were not any fuses at Walmart that were the right size. And, the new fuel pump started annoying the charging circuit. So, Mike took it off line before we got started for the day. Oh well, the fuel pump saga continues.

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