Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 13 Evening & June 14 Morning

So, we are safely tied up at Belhaven Waterway Marina. Last night, we met our neighbors in Second Chance, a Lagoon catamaran. Mindy and John are full time cruisers on their way up the northeast coast. They have two dogs that Peggy had the opportunity to meet- Angel and Phoebe. Today, we walked to Gingerman Bakery for breakfast. It was very tasty. And the building was a real treat. The current owner of the building and the pharmacy and the gift shop and the florist and the cellular phone store is the third generation of O'Neals to run it. They rent out the restaurant/bakery. Mike went to the men's room. I only mention this because the sink for hand washing was in the hallway in front of the bathroom! Unusual for us, but a great use of space to make sure they got the bathroom in! After breakfast, Carol, Peggy, and I went to the library here in town. It is a beautiful building, and a great library. They were giving away paperbacks! And they were having a sale on hardbacks and large paperbacks- a whole $1 for hardbacks and $0.50 for the large paperbacks! We came back with bags of books, of course. This afternoon, we hope to make a trip to the Food Lion outside of town. The marina owner is going to arrange transportation for us. Good deal!

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