Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Alligator River Marina

Well, we are here at one of our favorite stops on the ICW- the Alligator River Marina. Yes, we are at the Shell Gas Station/marina/truck stop/restaurant. We were followed all day by Adagio:

Adagio's owners are actually fron Indiana, but they keep their boat in West River. They love sailing the Chesapeake! We invited them for cocktails before dinner. They came, and they brought wine. Just for you, Linda- I took a picture of the wine bottle:

Finally, I get a good picture of a chicken!

We all went over to the restaurant in the gas station. Everyone tried something different tonight, is I can report that all the food was good. I must confess that some people stuck to the traditional fried shrimp platter- but they did try different sides.

Tomorrow, we will head off once again. The destination is Coinjock.


Linda said...

Chicken wine? CHICKEN wine??? Who knew that chickens made wine! Wow ... All those feathers give a new meaning to the description of dry wine. (Pun thanks to Tom ... I am still in shock & awe)

Gee said...

Yes Linda, we are always on the lookout for pictures you should have been here to take for us. Glad you enjoy my pitiful efforts!