Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Morning in Titusville

It is morning in Titusville. And, as usual, the internet hates Susan. She took a great picture of the sunrise. I asked her to email it to me. But, no, her phone would not connect to the marina wifi. So, here's my later in morning.

Plans have changed here. Today, we will do a long run past New Smyrna Beach and go on to Daytona Beach. Tomorrow morning, Susan and Tony leave LUX. Tony flies out from Daytona, and Susan leaves from Orlando. Because of that, it was decided that it would be easier all around to take them up to Daytona Beach. It is 50 miles, so it will be a full day's run. It looks to be a nice day for it.

On the down side- Peggy tried to get the lid off the teapot this morning. Oops. The knob on top popped off. We need a new teapot. Yesterday, we had to get a can opener. Today, a teapot. Hmmm.. We might tend up with a newly resupplied galley if we keep on with this!

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