Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Leaving Grande Dune Marina

We are on the ICW again before 7 AM- trying to beat the heat. This voyage home has been harder than the others because we left so late in May. We all knew that would mean it would be hotter. I don't think we thought about how much hotter that would be!

Yesterday, we arrived at Grande Dune Marina around 2:30. We chose this marina because it offers a shuttle to the grocery store. It turned out to be an even better choice when we found out they do not charge for the laundromat. Yay! Of course, it was only one washer and one dryer. 😱 so, it took a little longer for all of us to get our laundry loads done.

We did have dinner on the boat. Mike had gone to the shrimp dock in Georgetown, where he bought two pounds of shrimp right off the boat! That meant dinner was steamed shrimp, salad, and corn on the cob. The corn was purchased on our foray to the grocery store- a new one for us called Lowe's. It was a great store- somewhat like a Harris Teeter with lots of great produce and many choices for groceries. We had fun browsing for additions to our larder.

Peggy and Terry, meanwhile, stayed at the boat to get their laundry started. Once everything was in the washer, they tried out the tiki bar. They reported back that it was worth the visit - great frozen drinks and some yummy nachos.

So, after a great night at Grande Dune, we are back on the water. There is not a breath of breeze out here today. You can see from the photo below just how still and calm it is out today. The pilots already have the fan hooked up by the ship's wheel. We hope to be in Southport early in the afternoon.

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