Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday in St. Augustine

Well, it has been a busy day here in St. Augustine. We have used the day for reprovisioning, shopping, and minor boat repairs. YAY!

The day started out just fine. We had apple pancakes for breakfast. And, yes, I missed Susan working as my sous chef. Peggy worked hard to fill the void. But, I had to do my own cooking!

Then, we tried to get a rental car. First, Enterprise told us that the EARLIEST time we could get a car would be 3:30PM. Seriously? I had even told her that I just wanted it for today. So, I was in despair. Then, Terry came to my rescue. He said I should try the Nissan dealer. Seems that is where we got the clown car we used to take all 5 of us and Sam and Howard to the Customs office in Jacksonville. It was actually a nice car- but it just barely fit all seven of us.

So, Mike calls our insurance agent to make sure everything would work easily since we did not have our insurance card with us. Oh, no problem. Just call when we get there, and info will be faxed over ASAP. Mike said great and that it would be less than 20 minutes.

The Nissan dealer here in St. Augustine is simply marvelous. They sent a loaner car out to get us. They took the three of us who were provisioning instead of making Mike come back to get us. And, when we arrived, our car was all ready for us. Too bad our insurance agent was not as efficient. We spent another half hour at the dealership TRYING to get hold of our agent. The car rental staff called. No answer. Mike called. No answer. I called. No answer. Mike tried to go online to get an insurance card printed. Our insurance company does not do that easily. Mike tried to get info about our policy online. Our insurance company does not give the entire info online, so the really pertinent pieces that we needed to rent the car were not available- of course. We finally got enough info to satisfy Nissan, and they let us have the car.

We headed off to shop. And, boy did we ever shop. We hit Big Lots. We hit the Dollar Tree. BTW- the Dollar Tree here in St. Augustine is the biggest Dollar Tree we have ever seen. They had LOTS of stuff that we needed!

We also ate at Chick-Fil-A. That was an amazing experience. The place was PACKED. They were taking orders as fast as they could. And, staff who had not taken your order found you to deliver your food! We asked how they did that. Our server said, "Magic!" We would have to agree.

We also hit Walmart- along with half of Florida. Wow. Was that place packed. But, by 3:00 (long before we would have gotten the Enterprise car), we had completed all our provisioning stops. Yay!

The only thing left to do was to put it all away. Boo!

BTW- we returned the car to the Nissan dealer. She said she had finally gotten in touch with our insurance agent. The agent claimed to be to busy to answer the phone.

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