Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Promised Pictures

In a past blog, I mentioned that Terry had the good camera out when the recreational shrimpers were working. So here is a great shot showing how frenzied the seagull activity was.

After a bit, there were two boats out shrimping- which made the seagulls even happier.

And, we did have a nice storm the next day on the way to Belhaven. Here you can see the ominous clouds.

But, the sky behind us was beautiful. This was a great shot of the rainbow with a sailboat passing under it.

Finally, just for the weather loving group- yes, it is a waterspout. Yes, it is the one Carol was trying to get us to photograph. Luckily, Terry did get his camera out. Even luckier, we did not meet up with this weather phenomenon. 

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