Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Early Morning in Cape Canaveral

Everyone was ready for bed really early last night. After all, it had been a long day on the ocean followed by an excellent meal. So, about 6 AM, people started to stir. It looks to be another beautiful day for us.

And,there is already drama on the dock. A smaller heron was checking out the fishing.

And, an osprey was on a tall mast nearby- hoping the heron would get lucky and the osprey would not have to work for breakfast. The osprey has been making lots of noise- that's what woke some of us. It could be that he was trying to encourage the heron to hurry up and get some fish!

To add to the drama, a large heron ( our Dockmaster from last night) came along to chase the smaller heron on down the dock. I did not get another picture, though. The no-seeums are out in force. I came back inside.

Meanwhile, Tony has decided that we probably already miss all that wave action. He keeps moving around on deck  so that the boat rocks. He keeps telling us he is happiest on a boat. I guess he means a boat that is moving.

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