Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Leaving St. Simon Island

Yesterday, we traveled on up the coast to the Golden Isles- one of which is St. Simon's. Even though we only went about 50 miles, it was a long day because of the heat and humidity. The good news is that we have nothing 'exciting' to report.

Oh wait- Mike killed the pig! Yes, the alternator belt was squealing, so Mike fixed it last night. During that process, he whacked himself in the head. And, being a head wound, it bled. I wanted to practice good medicine- you know, shave his head, use butterfly tape, etc. He told me to put antibiotics on it and to leave it be.

We had dinner last night at the Coastal Kitchen- a lovely restaurant in the Morningstar Marina. The food was simply wonderful- definitely much better than my cooking. After all, I would never turn on the oven to cook seafood paella in an iron skillet. But, they did. And, Mike said it was wonderful.

After dinner, we tried out the showers. They were lovely- a tiled shower room AND a dressing area with a real door. The best part is that there was loads of lovely hot water.

The downside to this lovely marina is that the current really flows through there. They had put us on the outside of the last pier(with the mega yachts, by the way). And we were really bouncing. We might as well have been out in the middle of the harbor during the early morning fishing boat exodus! Terry decided that would NOT work, so we just moved us on inside. Ahhhhh.... a much better night for everyone.

This morning, we are up with the fisher folk. We wanted to be out and about before the heat. We hope to make some good time while it is still cool. Our first challenge this morning is a bridge. It is right at 62 feet with the tide up. So, it is proving to be a bit more challenging. But, with a little of our famous bridge dancing, we made it through.

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Susan Gilbert said...

Seems like the heat and humidity is visiting us as well. Today I don't think I'll be complaining that Bob has set the air conditioning at the Arctic setting. Been freezing since I left the lovely LUX.
Hope the little fan will help just a bit.