Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Southport- What a Lovely Day

We had a great trip up to Southport today. In fact, we found ourselves in Southport soon after lunch.

We immediately got ourselves organized and strolled on in to town. Once there, we caught the city trolley ($2 lets you ride all day) to get an idea of everything available in town. 

We ended up at the local maritime museum. What a little gem. There were great exhibits telling all about the history of the area- including information on pirates! A little something for everyone. They even had a periscope so that you could get a bird's eye view of the area. Very cool!

An interesting factoid about Southport- the city has three rather interestingly named streets. The first is Howe Street. The second is Dry Street. The third is I Am Street. Yes, it truly is Howe Dry I Am. Peggy's theory is that they ran out of names for the streets, but got lucky when they came across a bunch of drunks singing away!

Another interesting factoid- they will be filming for Under the Dome in a garage on I Am Street. Mike found about that in the local press.

After that, we ended up across the street at the thrift store run by volunteers for the local hospital. It was actually a funny visit because we got there 15 minutes before their closing time. Now, I must tell you that I am used to our own hospice volunteer-run thrift shop at home. There, if five customers came in and started collecting stuff, they actually would wait for you to finish shopping. Here, they couldn't wait to get rid of us. One volunteer even turned out the lights in one of the sections in the store! Okay- we got the message. But, we still managed to find good things to buy at amazing prices. Mike even got a pair of shorts for $.50. Great bargains. If only we would have had more time....

We continued walking from downtown toward the harbor. Along the way, we checked out a few antique shops before we decided we really wanted to go to dinner. So we started off toward Fishy Fishy.

Now, we have to tell you that the last time we were in Southport was when we were bringing the boat back from Tortola. Terry had gotten off earlier for business, so he was not with us when we visited Fishy Fishy. We loved that restaurant! It had great food. It had cute artsy fish all over the walls. We were looking forward to sharing that with Terry.

Well, two years is a long time in restaurant time. The art work was gone. The food was not as good. They gave us a table right next to the manager- who was busy talking to waitstaff about schedules. The other table near us have the prerequisite crying child. They also put us at the very first table- near the wait station and the bar. So, Terry was not impressed. Unfortunately, neither were we.

However, Fishy Fishy is just across from Flavas- the ice cream store. We did love dessert!

After dessert, we walked on back to the boat. There, we saw the Dockmaster. 

You can see from the dingy in the shot that the heron was right next to us. He is so used to people, I guess, that it didn't even bother him that I was taking pictures. He just kept on fishing.

Tomorrow we will leave early for Wilmington.

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