Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Evening

This evening

This evening has just been fun. We decided (after some of us slept off our shopping exhaustion) to go back to A1A. This time, we would even have dinner as well as dessert.

On the way to the restaurant, we saw a large film crew headed for the galleons at the end of our dock. It seems that there will be a reenactment tomorrow in town. We also had the chance to see lots of folks dressed in various outfits from the 17th century.

At the restaurant, those who wanted the grilled banana split dessert were careful not to order to much to eat.

Finally, the desserts arrived. But, before I tell you this part, I have to say that last night Rich said we would have to come back tonight for dessert again. He said he wasn't sure the grilled banana split was perfect. He would need another trial. So, there we were tonight. The dessert arrives. We look at it.

It did not look right. We investigated. 

We found they had only given us each HALF a banana! And Tony wasn't even with us. We call for the server. He admits he didn't think it looked right either. So, he went off to the kitchen for an explanation. He returns with a lame excuse- they had run out of bananas. So, the cook decided to give us each half a banana rather than tell one of us that there would be no banana split in our future. SERIOUSLY? It's only 6 PM on Friday night. The town is packed. And they claim to be out of bananas already? Hmmm... Not buying it. And the server figured out that we were not buying it. He took one of those splits off our bill. Rightly so.

Back at LUX- we get more entertainment. Lots of reenactors coming by in costume. And, on the other dock, there is a wedding party being photographed. And, a thunderstorm is coming. Terry turned on the hot water heater so I don't have to walk up the hill. Life is good here on LUX.

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