Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We get Boarded

Well, it appears that Tony's passport says that he is a lawyer. So, when he presented it, Customs decided that they would need to come and see the boat. It appears that they emptied the office!

In accordance with the rules, we can't show you any of their faces. But, all seven did come to check out the boat! We gave the nickel tour to any who were interested. Some just wanted to watch us from the dock. All were friendly, respectful, and efficient. But, it was so funny that SEVEN of them came. It was just the perfect time for them to do some hands-on training. So, they used for practice. Very appropriate since we have so many teachers on board. The sad part is that the one guy in the office who REALLY wanted to come was the one guy who didn't get to come out and see the boat. Tony's theory is that he was the junior officer, so he got stuck manning the office.

By the way, we were this morning's entertainment here at the dock. You can imagine the looks on faces when SEVEN officers came for the inspection! It was quite the morning.

So, soon we'll be taking off for Titusville. And, yes, we passed our inspection.

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