Monday, June 2, 2014

We Are in Cape Canaveral

Well, we survived another crossing. Unfortunately for the guest crew, it was not the best of times. It was cloudy for most of the days and the one night. That meant that Susan did not get to see a full sky of stars. The seas were rather feisty, so Gee only got to see the inside of her cabin.

But, we arrived safely here in Cape Canaveral. We are currently tied up safely in a marina. Terry and Mike went off to check out the facilities. Tomorrow- Rich, Susan and Tony must go to customs to check in. Once that is done, we will head out to Titusville.

We are staying in a nice marina called Ocean Club. The evening Dockmaster is a cutie.

He was busy slapping around a fish he caught. He would throw it on the dock, chew on it, throw it on the dock.... Finally, he got it into shape so he could swallow it down.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed the show.

For dinner, we called in an order to the local pizza/spaghetti restaurant. It was delivered in a timely fashion, and we enjoyed a leisurely dinner on the patio.

After dinner, we made an effort at looking at schedules. Currently, we will leave here, go to Titusville, head to New Smyrna Beach, and then on to St. Augustine. But, first, we must take the aliens to customs to get them back to being Americans. So, they will take off walking tomorrow morning for Customs- unless it's raining. Then, Susan is taking a taxi.

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