Monday, June 23, 2014

Earlier Today- Before the Cookies!

Yes, we did leave Beaufort early this morning, but not super early. We were just headed up to Oriental. We wanted a short day, and Oriental was just the right distance. It was a great day to be on the water. The wind kicked up, and the sailors were able to sail! Yes, they even turned off the engines.

We also saw some shrimpers hard at work- followed by large flocks of seagulls. And all kinds of boats from small fishing boats to sailboats to BIG yachts were all out on the Neuse River.

We made it into Oriental just around lunchtime. We enjoyed a lunch of Beaufort leftovers, and then we set off to explore town. The interesting thing about the South is that many stores are still closed on Sunday - even in seaside tourist towns. But, even more interesting- they are also closed on Monday. So, we did not get to do laundry in Beaufort because the laundry was closed on Sunday. We did not get to check out the art gallery in downtown Oriental because it is closed on Mondays. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind- we really don't need to shop( but laundry....that's another issue). It's just that coming from an area where everything is practically open all the time to an area that is just the opposite takes some adjusting! Still, it is all fun, no matter what. We can look in shop windows and have just as much fun. And, we just wait until the next town to do laundry. Luckily, we all still had some clean (or mostly clean) clothes! And, the marina here at Oriental had two washers and two dryers.

The other interesting thing is that once again we are in a seafood town that does not sell its seafood locally. It gets frozen and shipped out. No fresh shrimp for us, darn it.

The evening ended with a water show.

This is not the best picture. Terry took ones with a better camera that we will post later. But, two small boats were out shrimping. You can barely see them, but all the white dots around them are gulls! It was wild to watch the boats circling, and the gulls trying to take the shrimp. A great ending to another great day on the water.

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A. Trent said...

sorry you didn't get fresh shrimp, that is hard to believe that a seafood town does not sell its own seafood. we hope you have better luck on the rest of the trip! Love you.