Friday, June 13, 2014

Beaufort- Day 2

It is Friday, and we are in Beaufort. We plan to spend another day here to do a little sightseeing. At the moment, Peggy is the the galley pounding away. I do not know what she is pounding. She claims she is killing breakfast. I thoughti requested French toast. Hmmmm......

Ahhhh! We are having CRUNCHY French toast. This is a Peggy specialty that involves granola on your French toast. She first found this specialty on a trip to Florida. It starts like regular French toast.

But the second step involves involves a dip into crunched up granola.

Peggy only dips the French toast in the crunched granola on one side because she says it makes it way too crunchy if you do both sides. We are in for a tasty breakfast today.

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