Monday, June 23, 2014

Happenings in Beaufort

There have been some comments on the dearth of news during the last two days. Well, Dear Readers, we were having an adventure! Mike's nephew lives in North Carolina. So, he decided to bring his family out to the coast to visit us. They really wanted to join us in Beaufort because the museum has a pirate section! And, they would be near a beach. Almost a perfect vacation, right? Especially when your three children are under the age of ten.

Let me start by saying that they are a delightful family. We enjoy having them around whenever we get to see them. We invited all of them to spend the night on board LUX. Now LUX really is a good size for a boat. But 7 adults and 3 children? That is a lot of people all in one small place. The kids and Mom slept in the starboard forward cabin- with one in the vee berth. Dad slept on the settee. It appears he got the better part of the deal. We heard lots of tales of feet stuck in other people's faces, space stealers, wigglers, etc. the next morning!

We all went out to dinner Saturday night. We had pancakes on the boat Sunday morning. Then Mom and Dad spent time planning the rest of their day- a trip to a beach. While we were waiting, Carol (yes, Dear Readers, I am talking about our own Carol who claims she is not good with little children) entertained the children by playing Go Fish with them. Here is the proof:

The children asked me to play as well. Peggy served as our most excellent referee and moderator- the toughest job of all. She got to use probably her entire stock of Grandmother phrases- Use your inside voice, Don't look at other people's cards, Let me help you with that.....I am sure you can continue this list without my help!

At the end of the game, it was time for the family to catch the ferry to the beach. We were sorry to see them leave. However, some of us were quite worn out. Children that age have incredible energy! It was like being around three perpetual motion machines. We were quite impressed, though, by how well behaved they were. Peggy had to use more Grandmother sayings like- No, Do not step on That, etc. but, they always stopped and did what they were asked to do. It was a lovely visit, all in all.

Yesterday afternoon, we all mosied around the shops looking for treasures to bring home. We ended our day at the Dockside restaurant and bar. Great view. Okay food. Then, it was back to the boat for an early bedtime!

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