Thursday, June 12, 2014


The ICW in this part is experiencing the effects of the full moon. According to my boating companions, we are having spring tides. Today's high tide is 9.2 feet higher than low tide here. A side effect is that the current really moves. And, it moved us right along. We actually made over 9 knots in some spots. We probably averaged about 8 by the end of the journey.

We went by Parris Island and Hilton Head. We saw paragliders, dolphins, and a BIG ship coming out into the ICW. Terry checked in with the cargo ship to make sure he saw us. We don't like to cause those pilots any trouble. The crew is currently carrying on about how much paperwork it would cause for the poor cargo ship if it ran over us. So, we made sure we avoided causing them trouble.

Today I learned that Beaufort is one hour from Savannah. It only took us 8 1/2 hours- we were flying-- according to the boat people. The good news is that we arrived in time to take a little walk through downtown Beaufort. We made it back just in time to avoid the daily thunderstorm. It also gave me time to make dinner. And, we saw a rainbow! Yay!

Tonight, I delighted the crew with salmon with blueberry sauce served over mashed potatoes with a side of green beans almandine. Just to make it special, I plated the dinner.

Yes, a lovely blueberry island treat. The crew obviously thought it was good because we really don't have any leftovers- except some blueberry sauce. The crew already plans to get rid of that by using it as part of tonight's dessert. Nothing better than a happy crew.

By the way, the salmon was a riff on a recipe I found at Cooking Light- I poached salmon fillets in chicken broth and dark rum with ginger as the spice. When the salmon was finished cooking, I took it out and kept it warm. I then cooked 1 cup of mashed blueberries in the leftover liquid with apple cider vinegar. I let it cook down, then added another cup of fresh blueberries. That made the delicious blueberry sauce. Yummy!

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