Sunday, May 19, 2013

Approaching St. Augustine

We actually started the day with a thunderstorm. Even the heavens were crying because Sam had to leave. But the day turned nice. And, at 5:15, we are approaching St. Augustine - even earlier than we thought we would. The big excitement for today was trying to get through the Crescent Bridge. They were working on the bridge, so they needed to have us wait until they could raise the bridge. Once they did raise the bridge, we were ordered to take cover as we passed underneath! From conversations overheard on the radio, it seems that welding debris fell on the boat before us! We made it without any incident. But, once on the other side we did have the opportunity to do a man overboard drill. Seems the drying bath mat preferred to be wet, so it took a flying leap overboard! We went into MOB mode! We circled. We got out the boat hook. We rescued the once again soaking wet bath mat.

Afterwards, Terry led the group in a discussion of lessons learned and what we could do better next time. My offering- just let the bath mat drown- was not appreciated. Especially not since this is the beginning of National Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week! 

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