Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner at Georgetown

Here we are, moored out at Georgetown. It's a beautiful night so far. Although the sun is shining, it is not overly hot.

I'm sure you noticed the black line on the left side of the photo. It's the bug screen. The flies were pretty awful. All day long. We actually decided to put up the screen around lunch time. As you probably noticed, we don't have the standard boat screens. Not having the time or money initially to make the boat enclosure, we came up with an out-of-the-box idea. We took two of the screens that you can buy to go over a patio market umbrella, and (with Carol's sewing skills) turned them into one big bug screen that we can throw over the cockpit area. Since it doesn't snap in, you can't deploy it when it's really windy. But, the flies and mosquitoes aren't bad then either! One of our earlier blogs describes this project- Debugging the Cabin (

When the hook went down, we started off with strawberry daiquiris, crab dip, and hummus. We toasted to another great day on the water.

Dinner tonight was shrimp and grits. I made cheesy grits using chicken broth seasoned with onion and garlic. Then, I sautéed asparagus in butter with a little crushed red pepper and black pepper. After about four minutes, I added the shrimp and some Worcestershire sauce. I then sautéed it all until the shrimp finished cooking. Peggy made a salad to go with it. And, it was all a big yum! (Yes, Linda, we thought of you when we used the YUM word!)

For dessert, we have several offerings. One would be banana pudding with vanilla wafers. We also have leftover chocolate cake and bread pudding from last night.

Tomorrow, we plan to dock so we can go into town. This is the home of the famous Kudzu Bakery, where they make the best sticky buns. Yes, we will be getting those!

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Linda said...

Your dinner does sound like It was a total yum ... Your menu combinations will be a wonderful addition to your cookbook ...