Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oh, oh...What a Night!

Well, the weather certainly turned around last night - as did the wind and the boat! We woke up this morning with choppy waves, real wind, and a very rocky boat. Only Carol seemed to have slept well, which means the rest of us are a little sleep deprived silly. Oh, the strange tales of boat life.

Peggy and Terry bolted upright when something went thunk in the night. No, no idea what that was.

Terry said they had to find an extra blanket... After they shut the hatch.

Gee complained about the searchlight...turns out the moon was so bright that when it came in the side  porthole, it really did feel like a searchlight... Especially if you happened to have your eyes open at the wrong moment.

So, we are all sitting patiently while the only really awake one- Carol- is busily making us French Toast. Best thought of the day- Good thing we crossed the channel last night!

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