Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Been A Day

So, it's evening in the marina. We're settling down after our great dinner. We're getting organized to up to the showers. Since there is only one key, you better be ready to go or ready to wait for the key. The three women are waiting for the key master to return to the boat.

Meanwhile, some facts about today's adventures. 

This morning, Peggy relearned that no good deed goes unpunished. Young man with backpack approached the showers and asked if we had a key. Peggy, ever anxious to help, says yes and gets the key. Gee is hesitant. After all, the stranger has broken into a rant about how the people at the shelter just don't understand him. He goes into the shower. A man in a white shirt arrives and asks the worker there if he let a man with a backpack into the shower. He said no. Peggy said, "I did." The white shirt guy knocks on the door and said, "POLICE." Hmmmm... Aiding and abetting.

In the afternoon, Terry and Peggy went to the antiques district in downtown Charleston. They got stuck waiting for the courtesy car to pick them up in town. He was running late taking other people to Harris Teeter. Yes, that would be Carol and Gee. But, it wasn't our fault the driver was running late. That would be the French Canadian couple who wanted us all to wait while their propane tank was refilled!

At Harris Teeter, Carol and Gee picked up the few things they decided they had missed the day before. When they got to the cash register, Carol reaches into the bag she brought, pulls out a pair of black underwear and says (in a loud voice), "Whose underwear are these?" It made the bag boy's day. He's probably still laughing. He also shared that if we needed any help tomorrow, he would not be there. Seems two days of waiting on us was more than enough for him.

Rich had gone to Harris Teeter as well. He took off trying to find a stove top toaster. After lots of walking, he finally found the store - in the opposite direction of the route given to him at the hardware store. After all that, no toaster. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day. And, hopefully it  will be just as exciting.

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