Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24th on the ICW

We anchored out last night in Lincoln Creek right off Killkenny Creek- we're just 20 miles below Savannah. Last night, we had a lovely dinner of grilled tuna. Yes, it was the tuna that we caught. And it was very yummy. We also broke out the blender for some frozen rum mango drinks. It was a beautiful night--not too hot and beautiful skies.

This morning appears to be another lovely day. 

Yes, that is virtuous Peggy doing Tai Chi in the early morning light.

The only problem with the entire area are the FLIES! Horse flies. Green bottle flies. Noseeums. They come in hoards, and they stick around. And they bite. The sad thing yesterday was that there was an incredible breeze. We all thought they would be blown away. Oh no, they still managed to hang around and to try to bite everyone whenever they could. Oh well, it was still beautiful, and a great night to be anchored out. It was nice and cool. Everyone had a good night's rest.

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