Friday, May 17, 2013

So, we keep going back to 0 days without injuries

No boat trip is complete without some injuries to the crew. The best injuries on a boat trip are minor. So far, ours are minor. Here's a full disclosure-- 

When we rented the car in Marsh Harbour, it was a nice van. However the second row seat people all developed a bad habit of wrapping their hand around the door jamb as they got in. Unfortunately, the time that Terry did it, Mike closed the front door before Terry moved his hand. Ouch. Luckily, it was really just caught in the rubber seal, so Terry escaped with minor damage.

Today, it was Carol's turn. It started when Howard developed a crush - on Carol's toe. Yes, the anchor locker hatch escaped and landed on Carol's toe. Ouch!

Then, it was Gee's turn. She managed to burn her thumb by forgetting to lift the silicon pot lid with a mitt. Ouch.

But, as we pointed out-- no boat trip happens without some minor mishaps. We plan to try to keep ours minor the whole way.

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