Monday, May 27, 2013

Linda! It is a chicken!

Yes, there are a tubal chicken running around on the streets of Charleston! This shot was snapped after our carriage ride around the historic district.


Linda said...

Again you-all are cavorting with chickens without me??? Lucky ducks ... Oops, wrong kind of fowl ... Glad your trip is going so well and many thanks for the excellent adventure reporting.

Gee said...

The funniest thing is that we keep running into chickens! Does that mean Linda should be with us? Of course it does!

A. Trent said...

Nice Rooster:) I bet you don't see them like that down in the "Islands"..:)
I did a little research for you and I believe yours could be a cross between a Wyandottes and a Leghorn..
And I'll wrap up my comment for today with a joke:

What day to chickens hate the most?


Gee said...

Peggy got it, but we are all groaning!