Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24th Afternoon Traffic Report

Once again, we meet the big container ship in the ICW. And, once again we use our highly developed boating skills to slow down and let him go by!

A personal note to my photo taking friends. I am using SnapSeed to correct my photos now. Linda, please admire my really perfect horizon!


Linda said...

I had been admiring your wonderful pictures Gee ... Now I know your secret! Thanks

Jeff Trent said...

You missed a chance to try out the time tested art of piracy! You could have mounted a boarding party! ieeeee matey

Gee said...

Looking for better cargo when we go pirate mode. No gold, no silver, and no rum. Why bother? But, thanks for commenting. We love it when people comment! It reaffirms that people are actually reading it!