Friday, May 17, 2013

Here fishy, fishy.... Whoa, not that fish!

It's four in the afternoon, and we are cruising across the Bahamas Banks. Terry had deployed the Cuban yoyos to see if we could catch something fresh for dinner. At 4:15, the first one went off. By the time Terry got it reeled in, there was no fish and no lure. Just a bitten off piece of nylon. Almost immediately, the port side yoyo went off. It was a BIG fish... And it was being chased by a BIGGER fish! And they were both barracuda! Wow! Terry managed to get the hooked barracuda onto the swim platform. And the bigger barracuda just kept following the boat.

Since barracuda are not really eating fish - especially when they are this big- Terry waited until the caught one no longer looked interested in taking a bite out of him. The needle nose pliers came out of the toolbox, and Terry got the lure back. Then, our barracuda went on to be sushi for the bigger one. Just another day here on the water for the fish! But, it was real excitement for us!

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