Friday, May 17, 2013

Not that fish either

So, we made the crossing from the Bahamas through the night. The weather was beautiful. The moon was out, but it was not as bright as the cruise ships! Coming into Port Canaveral is very entertaining. Lots of big ships and lots of cruise ships. And lots of fisher folk. Making BIG waves right by us.

Speaking of fisher folk, we almost caught another fish! Yet again, it was a BIG fish. This time, it took most of the lure with it. Terry is thinking that we need to buy the twelve pack of fishing lures since we appear to be giving them away to the fish! However, we are having fun fishing.

Speaking of having fun, last night's dinner was a fun experiment. We had sloppy joes. The recipe called for the regular ingredients plus dried fruit. We used craisins and raisins. It was really tasty. So far, no one is complaining about the food, so it's a good trip-- except for the lack of fish for dinner.

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