Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, May 20 - in St. Augustine

It's 4 PM, and we've accomplished most of our goals for the day. Carol manned the laundry while Gee and Peggy provisioned by shopping at Big Lots and Walmart. Mike and Terry dropped Howard off at the airport. They're off shopping for boat parts. Renting the car for one day has proven to be very efficient.

BTW-- It's always interesting in a marina laundry room. We went early, thereby starting a marina stampede. We got the first two washers, but others managed to snag the other two. So, as we surmised, it took all morning to get all our dirty laundry clean, folded, and put away. Of course, that includes the time needed to maneuver around the other laundry room users. Today we had the woman who cleans the laundry filter by banging it on the dryer and letting the lint fall to the floor. Then we had the guy who had to iron- right in the middle of the drying area. And don't forget the woman and the two men who had a great conversation going - one that took place right in front of all the dryers. After all, why just talk when you can also block progress!

And then on to Walmart. Why just shop when you can also turn your cart sideways and block progress in the entire aisle? Yes, all those people were in Walmart. 

The most interesting part of this tale is that these sorts of things usually happen when you are really in a hurry. We were not particularly rushed today. Yes, we did have a schedule of sorts - one that was driven by the need to get Howard to the airport on time for his flight. But, other than that, we were actually doing well with time. But, all these people just seemed to want to slow us down. Perhaps the true moral of the story is that they were just trying to make sure we were late so that Howard would miss his plane and stay with us! But, alas, it did not work. Howard did get to the airport on time. And all the other tasks were accomplished. We have food. We have clean clothes. Carol and Peggy cleaned the insides of the boat. Mike and Terry fixed the leak in the water heater. Terry fixed the blower fan for the engine. And, tomorrow we will spend the day sightseeing here in St. Augustine. It's a good day on the water.

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