Friday, May 17, 2013

Lunch at Grills - next to Sunrise Marina

We just finished an excellent lunch at Grills. It's located next to the Sunrise Marina. And we LOVE Sunrise Marina. They were kind enough to allow us to dock there for a few hours in order to get through customs. Yes, there are other spots where we could have gone. But, Sunrise Marina is the closest to the Homeland Security office where we had to check in. Since one of the crew has bad knees, Terry talked to them about letting us just stop temporarily to visit customs- and they did. Boy, was wounded knee girl happy about that. The walk was only about a mile.

The officer at check in was marvelous. He walked us through all the paperwork, and even got us our friendly boater forms! In the future, we'll only have to call in.

When we got back to the marina, there was enough time to have lunch at Grills. Terry had a fish Reuben - something we had never seen before. He said it was so good that we needed to add the recipe to our collection!

Then, we decided to try to continue our journey. Unfortunately, we appear to be caught amidst times. The canal to the intracoastal waterway does not open until 6 PM. Going back out to the ocean still takes several hours to get to New Smyrna Beach - our target for today. Terry and Carol are studying maps. We're just idling along until a decision is made.

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