Friday, May 24, 2013

On the ICW

It's 9:30 AM, and we are making good time up the ICW. But, it seems we are not moving fast enough to outrace the horse flies.

Although the screen is up protecting the salon, those outside are finding the day's entertainment in fly swatting. And, boy, are there enough targets for swatting! As fast as one is killed, four more show up. Peggy is perfecting her swish and squish technique. Terry is going for the quick hand slap method. Mike just ignores them. 

When about 25 are dead and lying about on the rug at the opening to the salon, Peggy gives them a burial at sea. Here you see her shaking out the rug to rid us of the latest collection of kills. Bet the fish really love her today. Never a dull day on a boat!

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