Thursday, May 30, 2013

The wonders of a shower curtain or two on a boat

Quite often, boaters look for something to block the sun while you're in the cockpit enjoying breakfast... Or that evening cocktail. We've seen towels, sheets, canvas, and old sails. We have our own solution. Sower curtains! No, not those plastic ones. The nice polyester/microfiber cloth ones are just great. They are lightweight, and they are mold and mildew resistant. Here you can see them shading the cockpit for breakfast this morning.

As you can see, the grommets at the top come in handy! We use Velcro ties to attach our shower curtains when we have lines or other grommets. At other times, clothes pins work well. 

You might have also noticed that our shower curtain has grommets on the bottom as well. That was due to our industrious Carol! She realized that it would be convenient to have tie downs on both sides, so she just took care of that pesky detail.

Now, our shower curtains can be seen all about the boat. Sometimes they are draped across the front windows in the salon. Sometimes they are hanging on the back. But, no matter where you see them, they are doing a great job.


Linda said...

It's curtins for Aroria! ... LOVE this idea ... I am so going to copy!!! Thanks for sharing this helpful tip!

Gee said...

And we even have someone who could help with the grommets!

Jeff Trent said...
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