Friday, May 17, 2013

Green Turtle Club - Tuesday, May 14

Here we are in Green Turtle Cay on a beautiful morning. Since the wind is still against us heading for Florida, we have decided to work our way north through the Bahamas. First stop was to investigate the Green Turtle Club. After all, Linda and Tom raved about it every time we even said the word Bahamas. They kept asking if we were going there. Now that they are NOT with us, we've gone to Green Turtle Club. And, Linda, if you are reading this, you are really jealous. There are roosters crowing! We have chicken sightings!
Yes, dear readers, Linda loved to take pictures of animals. And, she really loved to take photos of chickens. 

So, today we will enjoy the amenities of Green Turtle Club. The sun is out. The breeze is lovely. It's just another lovely day in Paradise.


Linda said...

Chickens ... You saw chickens without me??? I cry foul!
... Glad you enjoyed your stay there!

For some unknown reason all of your posts just materialized ... I love technology ...

Gee said...

Or lack thereof.... Internet connections were incredibly spotty this time.