Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Morning in Titusville- a USPS Moment!

You can't imagine our surprise and delight last night when we found out that the marina was hosting a nautical flea market today - put on by the Titusville Sail and Power Squadron! So, yes indeed, we supported the local Power Squadron. We even had the pancake and sausage breakfast prepared by Chef Elmer of TSPS. Mike had a chance to chat with their SEO. We all chatted with the commander. Then, we checked out the flea market. The guys, BTW, are still there. We retreated to the air conditioned comfort of LUX to let them have all the time they want to touch the big nautical fleas. And, they are even doing vessel safety checks! No, ASPS, we did not do our SVC here. We are waiting for our own SVC folks.

Oh, Mike's back. He gave up on the fleas so he could wash the boat. Got to love a guy who cleans up!

Update-the District Commander is here to celebrate the 100 years of USPS with Titusville SPS at 10. We're on our way to be a part of it.

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