Sunday, May 12, 2013

On the road...oops...water again! Sunday - Mother's Day!

We spent all day Saturday traveling. Three different airlines. Long day. But, by 7 PM we were on LUX. By 7:30, we were at Mangoes for a great dinner. After dinner, we headed back to LUX. Unfortunately, we had to unpack. Unfortunately, we were all dog tired. It made for a really long day - and we are not done yet. Seems that the charter company felt we had too much stuff on board, so the 'cleaned up' and stored stuff. All that STUFF came out Sunday morning. So, we will be reorganizing again today.

We planned ahead this morning for food. We weren't sure what would be open, so we brought oatmeal, dried fruit, and nuts! However, we found out that Mangoes Restaurant would be open at 7:30 AM with homemade pastries! At 7:20, Carol and Gee were on the road getting treats. We had cinnamon rolls, pumpkin bread, blueberry cheese Danish, guava cheese Danish, coconut muffins, blueberry muffins, and cranberry muffins. Very tasty! 

Oh-- the healthy ones among us had oatmeal for breakfast with baked goods for dessert. No clues as to who is in what camp. What happens on LUX sometimes even stays on the boat!

Speaking of things that happen on the boat.....
Our favorite quote of the day from one crew member---"I'm the virgin." By lunch, the same person announced that he/she had lost it. Hmmm.... And, dear reader, we are letting you figure out which of the crew said these immortal words! And no clues as to the context either.

So it's mid day and the crew of LUX is back in regular mode.
Here's Peggy on the deck- hint: look for the green shirt.
That would be because Mike and Terry are busy bringing everything back up to their standards and upgrading a few things. As one might guess, the refrigerator is not working again. That would put Mike in his standard boat working mode - head first in some locker.
Peggy, Carol, and Gee have already made a preliminary grocery store run to buy cleaning supplies. Howard and Sam are tackling small boat repair projects. Not your typical Mother's Day for Peggy. But, really, who can complain about sailing - also known as the opportunity to do boat repair in exotic locations!


Michele Ottey said...

Glad everything is going well. This is going to be my only form of messaging for now. As of yesterday my phone is in pieces. New one should be here by Wednesday. Weather looks beautiful. Hope everyone is having a good time so far. Love to you all.

A. Trent said...

Hi Sis; sounds like you have things under control:).. I miss the "boat life".. and I wish I could have made the trip with you, your blog makes it sound like a lot of fun:)

Life here in C-ville is fine, the river is going down, but we are in for rain the next 4 days, so here we go again:)

On a side note, Donna and I are expanding our "antique/resale" business. There is a shop in Perry MO. here is the link to google maps if you want to check the town out:) ,,
It is near Mark Twain resivor, and we will "tend" it when we go camping/fishing, or just drive up for the day and deal with it:) It is about an hour away from home, and we have a good feeling about that location. We'll keep you posted on the success:)))

The Lady who owns the shop gave us a deal on 2 booths. We hope to have it ready for business before 1June!

We are hoping Dana can visit before the end of this month, not much planned when/if she arrives, maybe a boat ride!!

Our offer still stands, if you need any help after you get back just let us know!!

Love you!!