Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beaufort SC is a lovely place

We got here about 10 this morning. It was a beautiful day, so we played tourist. We took the carriage ride around town. It's a nice, small town with some really great old houses. We saw the childhood home of Conroy- the one who wrote the Prince of Tides. We also saw early churches and very old trees. Tonight, it's more fresh tuna for dinner.

We learned some interesting facts on today's tour. One is that people in the Low Country paint their porch ceilings 'haint' blue to keep away the evil spirits! It supposedly also keeps away wasps, bees, and spiders. We're going to try that one when we get home. We also had the opportunity to see the home of the man who led the movement for the succession of the South! He held meetings in his home to discuss how to separate from the Union and what would happen afterwards. We bet he never predicted the final results! Speaking of the Civil War, another interesting fact is that practically all the generals in the Civil War knew each other because they all went to West Point! One of the Beaufort stories is that the Union general approaching Beaufort came into town to meet with the Confederate general because they had been good friends at West Point.

Also, for those keeping up with our gourmet adventures-- we did get pimento cheese today! Yes, we are in South Carolina! Can't pass through without the pimento cheese.

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