Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Layover

I am sure, Dear Readers, that you expected a report from a moving boat headed south. No. Not today. The weather is not in our favor. At present, it is partly sunny. But, thunderstorms are predicted around 2 this afternoon. We would not have been able to make any port within the time we could leave. So, we decided to stay put one more day here at the Alligator River Marina.

I will report that the skies do look somewhat ominous. But we are snug here in LUX. And, as an added benefit, we got some laundry done.

This view shows the Alligator River from our boat here in the Marina. The Marina owner's house is at the left. Great view, isn't it?

Meanwhile, the crew is relaxing - each in their own way. Some are napping. I'm writing this blog. And some are studying manuals for the radio. We each relax in our own way.

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